Supplements For Weight Loss

Want to lose weight without starving yourself? Here are some amazing fat-melting supplements with which you can drop those stubborn, unwanted pounds, without bringing a drastic change in your food choices.

Supplements For Muscle Growth

You can easily add muscle by eating right and lifting weights. But supplements are a must if you want to maximize your growth.

The following are some best muscle growth supplements that will aid you to gain some mass and strengthen your frame.

Protein Powders

Protein powder is one of the most popular and commonly used weight-gain supplements.

It is mainly made of whey, which is a milk protein. It contains branched amino acids that digest faster and builds your muscles rapidly. It also contains peptides that enhance blood flow to the muscles.

Apart from the whey protein powders, there are tons of other protein powders out there: casein, soy, beef, egg, and hemp to name a few. Choose the one you think is best for you.

Weight Gainers

There are numerous weight gainers available nowadays that can help you to reach your muscle-building goals.

They aid you to reach your calorie requirements faster. Many weight gainers come with a particular type of dietary fat that can assist you to stay leaner.

Some of them also contain creatine, preventing you to buy that product separately.


This is another commonly used muscle growth ingredients. It consists of three amino acids: arginine, glycine, and methionine.

It helps you to gain mass and increase your strength dramatically. It increases the amount of fast energy needed in your muscles while you are performing reps in the gym.

Plus, creatine draws water to your muscle cells, stretching the cells that increase long-term growth.


With the help of these weight loss supplements and muscle growth ingredients, you can bring an edge to your physique.

To get the best results, you must have a good nutritional intake and an epic training consistency using both body-weight exercises and exercise machines.