Best Home Rowing Machine Review – Rowers Home Use (Updated Jan 2023)

In today’s time and age, everyone wants to stay healthy and fit. Looking slim and trim is in and having strong muscles, and ABS is just the icing on the cake that everybody desires.

That is why I wrote this best home rowing machine review.

Rowing machines are one of the best pieces of exercise equipment available in the market. Now there are quite a few types of rowers, and you might find yourself in a turmoil when choosing the one that you need.

Get ready to start your workout because you will soon be pumped up with all the knowledge about best rowing machines.

What is A Rowing Machine?

Have you ever rowed a boat before? Well, if you have not, then do not worry because a rowing machine in simple words operates similarly.

This exercise machine generally has a handle or chain which is linked to breaking machinery. There is also a rail on which the mechanism would slide. This entire setup of the machine has been just the generic overview, but there are different variants of the way the trainers are amassed, specifically the braking system. And, accordingly, the way the machines operate varies as well.

Roughly, they are categorized into motion and damper type of machines.

Some models also feature a digital screen which shows many workout information such as the number of calories burnt, how far you have rowed or at what speed you are rowing. The display meter on some machines can also be connected to a computer so that you can observe your progress better.

Best rowing machines give you an edge over other exercise instruments such as treadmills or any other ones that only focus on the lower limbs. You see, your overall body is benefited by the propelling exercise increases your blood flow and metabolic activities. It affects both the upper and lower parts of the body, helping to keep stability during training.

Types of Rowing Machines

Now that you know how a rowing machine works, it is time you know which sort you need or want.

There are four types, and you have to decide whose advantages and disadvantages you prefer and overlook respectively.

Water Resistance

Rowing machine with water resistance techniques is the best type to give you an actual real-life feeling of propelling a boat. The best part is you don’t have to worry about drowning!

Well, rowers like ProRower H2O RX-750 and ProRower H2O RX-950 have a water reservoir in which the paddles are held. It is straightforward to use and gives you the real world practice.

But the downside to this is that it will put the most significant dent in your wallet among all the types of rowers. And, it occupies a lot of space as it is really huge in size.

Magnetic Resistance

This type of rowers (e.g., Stamina 15-9003) feature electromagnets which help them to operate. The magnetic forces provide the resistance against which you have to row, but it is straightforward to use.

These also have good and bad sides, but hey who doesn’t? The magnetic rower models tend to be a bit pricey, but you do not have to withstand any sort of cacophonous operational noises.

It does not need much care, can be easily stored anywhere and has very flexible settings options.

Air Resistance

The air resistance in this type of machine is provided by a fan blade which is found inside the flywheel. The fan blade produces the air resistance as you move the wheel.

The air rower usually is cheaper compared to the previous ones. Air rower machines are very much suitable for tall people, and you can control the speed at which you are rowing.

But, there some problems you might not like, such as it makes a lot of racket during workouts and is huge in size. Examples of this rower type are Concept2 Model D and BodyCraft VR100.

Piston Resistance

Rowers like Body Rower BRW2000 operate via two hydraulic pistons, connected to the paddles of the machine, which generate the hydraulic resistance.

This is the cheapest on the list, and it is very small in size so it can be easily taken anywhere. These are very good for rookies who are just starting their workout and can learn the rowing techniques with ease.

On the flip side, they need to be thoroughly taken care of, and the fluidity of use is less.

So there you go. These are the basic features you should keep in mind while choosing your desired rowing machine.

Now let’s take a look at 5 popular commercial and home rowers.

#1 BodyCraft VR500 Pro Rowing Machine

BodyCraft VR500 Pro

For someone who is just plain addicted to cardio workouts, there are three things that I always look for when I shop for rowing machines: durability, resistance, and value for the money.

I was quite hesitant to buy the BodyCraft VR500 Pro Commercial Rowing Machine because, well, I’ve always believed in sticking with the popular brands, like Bowflex and Kettler.

But hey, times are tough, so I thought what the heck: it looks good; it doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket, and I’ve read some excellent reviews about it.

So, after some more research and review surfs, I bought one!

BodyCraft Rower – Durable and Well-Built

Regarding durability, I really thought that the VR500 looks very good.

It’s about 68″ long and well, it’s sturdy, and the seat has a good contortion. It also has an excellent slide to it.

I’m not really sure what the material was used to make it, but it sure does seem of high quality.

But…Does It Really Work?

Now, when it comes to resistance, I have NOTHING against the VR500.

Want air resistance? How about magnetic resistance? Well, with this little machine, you don’t really have to settle with one.

Yes, that’s really something. I always have a good workout whenever I use this machine.

I also row whenever I can, and even my mates can see improvement on me. It’s really amazing.

So is the BodyCraft Commercial Rower VR500 worth buying?

  • Durability: Check!
  • Resistance: Cheeeck!
  • Price: One big fat check!

BodyCraft VR500 vs Concept 2

Comparison of BodyCraft VR500 and Concept 2 coming soon!

Customer Reviews

BodyCraft VR 500 Pro Rower has been built to be the ultimate indoor workout machine of all times. However, the mixed response from customers of all varieties has left this product to be less desirable than it originally was. That is not to say that this is a bad product, though. By all means, the BodyCraft rower has left customers more satisfied than unsatisfied, mainly due to a combination of durability and reliability when compared to similar models in the market.

This machine is easy to set up during the initial steps, takes little room, and lacks the small lags and errs that comes up with other models of indoor rowers. Its smooth performance is complemented by a steady design that allows a solid stand while working out. This rower is good at pumping out sweat and putting the body through a lot of work to get to the desired physical level of excellence. It places no aftereffect strains or pulls on the muscles and joints, and instead, helps to cure them by allowing stretching of the limbs.

When using the BodyCraft VR500 Rowing trainer, it has been reported that it doesn’t even feel like a machine being used, providing that natural feeling that very few exercise machines can claim to have. Another reason customers preferred this rower is because of its mid-price range. Affordable and can be bought by just about anyone, this rower can give the performance of a high-level exercise bike, and it even looks like a top-notch model.

For professionals, however, this machine may prove to be ineffective due to the absence of an effective counter. The trainer can only count strokes and time, leaving little to no idea about how much of actual performance is being done by the user. Nonetheless, this is a great product to have for those looking to get into daily exercising.



#2 Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine With PM5 Monitor

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine With PM5 Monitor

Keeping in shape in your home is never gonna be a difficulty with this Concept2 ModelD Indoor Rowing Machine.

Rowing is one of the activities that work out your whole busy, so if you don’t have time to go out and go on a rowing trip, take that rowing session into your own home.

The rhythmic feel of the water that you try to go against is gonna help you to exercise specific muscle groups.

Get this machine for your own home gym, and you will not have to go out on a rainy day just to keep to your gym schedule.


When you happen to look around for home exercise equipment, be wise enough to take into consideration the things you can do without.

Before you go to a store, you must have a good idea of what you should get, or else you end up buying what the dealer sweet-talks you into.

The Model D would provide you with the right workouts to augment your other efforts at losing weight.

Walking might be a good exercise, but it still not enough to get a rower to help you in losing weight and maintaining a well-toned body. The sliding seat and the flywheel allow you to workout quietly in your own living room.

Diverse Programs

There are programs for cross-training and water sports training built in.

If you happen to be involved in any water sports, and that is the primary reason for buying this rower, then you will be satisfied with the preset programs that the Concept2 Rower has.

Race against boats or your saved previous performance to improve your capabilities.

You can choose between a sleek boat, a fast, or a slow, heavy boat. You can set your preferences and access it anytime with the user-friendly control panel. If you are into competition, then use the online challenges by Concept2.

Comfort and Ease of Use

When you are mounted on this rower and paddling on the flywheel, you are working out your abdomen, arms, legs, chest, back, knees and ankles.

If a full body workout is what you are looking for, then the rower is what you should have.

The ergonomic handle makes your workouts less stressful, and the seat is well-padded as well. The Flex footrests are adjustable so you can make yourself comfortable in this rower in many ways.

Concept2 Model D vs E

I am working on the comparison of Concept 2 Model D and Model E.

Stay tuned!

Customer Reviews

Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine is the kind of product that everyone just loves a lot.

The love is apparent when looking at customer reviews, where there are boatloads of positive responses, compared to just about zero negative comments.

If this is not enough to encourage a new user to try out this product, then it’s the combination of excellent features, including a full-body workout system and a track of the physical data.

What’s more, it is one of the easiest to use exercise machines out there, according to the set-up procedures.

Many customers have even quoted that this rowing machine was “the best equipment” they ever had. This goes to show just how popular a fan-favorite product can be.

The foot strap has been reported to be painful to use, especially during strenuous sessions. Other than that, there are very few flaws to note about the Concept 2 indoor rower.

#3 ProRower H2O RX-750 Home Series Rowing Machine

ProRower H2O RX-750

Are you serious about working out and losing weight?

Then get ProRower H2O RX750 Rowing Machine for your home or office and start shedding some pounds right away.

This is the ultimate workout equipment for you when you are also a water sport hobbyist.

So, when you have this with you, you would the same ways as if you are just enjoying a weekend somewhere on your kayak.

You wouldn’t even know that you are already well on your way to successful weight loss by mounting this rower.


Natural Rowing Experience

If you love to row and even join rowing competitions but do not have the time for that now that you have been promoted, then get the outdoors into your own home.

Get a rower machine that makes you feel like you are working out strenuously . Now that is made possible with the “natural adaptive resistance” of the rower.

This ProRower H2O RX750 will make you feel the dynamic of rowing with its polycarbonate tank.

This Hydro Power Drive rower system comes with the internal paddle system that sits right on your feet.

If you feel like you want a slow steady workout, paddle slower and you will achieve just that. You are in control of the speed and rhythm of your workout so no need to worry about dials for changing settings.

Personalized Workouts

With this ProRower RX-750 Rowing Machine, you will not only be able to work out specific muscle groups, you are also able to switch from slow to harsh workout rhythm at your own pace.

Not only that, it is not as noisy as other home gym equipments. All you will hear will be the soothing water at your feet as you try to row away your pounds.

This rower can track all your workout data on its display so you are updated on your distance, strokes, heart rate and other such metrics.

Great For Disabled People

For most people, treadmills and other such equipments offer a more strenuous workout for them. However, not everyone is physically-abled to stand such hard workouts.

Some disabled individuals can undoubtedly get the best workouts with water rowers. They do not have to stand for so long running on a belt but they just have to sit down and paddle.

Customer Reviews

ProRower H2O-series RX-750 Home Series Rower speaks for itself when it comes to its function.

H2O Fitness’s proud exercise rower has achieved perfection in its status as a home equipment, and is said to provide long lasting service without a glitch.

Like a good exercise machine should be, this rower is easy to set up and is easier to use, encouraging new users to try out this marvel. The metal which makes the structure is very durable, and provides a comfortable area for the body to shape up.

However, the disappointing fact is that the machine might not be suitable for very physically strong individuals. The tension and work that it exerts on a user is sometimes not enough to be considered a useful workout, so well-built bodies might not appreciate the inaptitude. Getting the RX-950 model would be smarter choice.

This is still a well-functioning exercise machine, though, and definitely something that is recommended for beginners.


#4 ProRower H2O RX-950 Club Series Rowing Machine

ProRower H2O RX-950

Working out can be done in a lot of ways and having the ProRower H2O RX-950 Club Series Rowing Machine is one.

When other people prefer a home trainer and home gym equipment, there are other water sports enthusiasts such as rowers and kayak enthusiasts who get a rower for their workouts.

The waterrower certainly gives you a lot of benefits and makes you feel like you are also enjoying your favorite hobby.


Durability and Safety

When you are picking out your home gym equipment, you must certainly look for the ability of the machine to hold your weight while you are on it.

You must always consider your safety first and so, you have to look for sturdy rowing equipment to use for your workouts.

The ProRower RX-950 rower has an all-metal construction that surely would make you comfortable and safe while you are on it. You will find sealed bearings on the sliding chair, an added safety measure.

Though the metal construction does not really make this rower appealing, at least I know that this would last indefinitely compared to wooden rowers.

The Feel of Water

This is a very excellent piece of equipment for you if you want a rower which mimics the feel of real rowing experience.

Do you see that polycarbonate water tank under the seat? That is the reason why when you are in this rower, you’d really feel like you are on a rowing adventure somewhere.

This gives you the natural resistance of water. If you are a rowing or kayak enthusiast, then this is gonna be appealing to you.

Informative Display

ProRower H2O RX-950 displayThere is an oversized display panel for your workout metrics, and you will find that all your data will be logged in there for easy reference.

The computer keeps track of your time, distance, calories, strokes per minute and even heart rate. All this are important so that you know about your improvements as you workout on this exercise machine.

It is easy to break apart the bolts if you need to move it and setup is just as easy as well.

Customer Reviews

When looking at the ProRower RX-950 H2O rower for the first time, the first thing that anyone would notice is the strangely shaped water tank in its structure.

The Hydro-Power Drive System, innovation by H2O Fitness, is the cause behind such a mechanism. This unique system has attracted a lot of customer attention and has proven to them just how powerful a water-driven rowing machine can be.

Termed as a ‘heavy-duty machine,’ this product has pleased customers looking for powerful pieces of equipment for high-level workout sessions. Physically healthy and fit individuals have discovered great professional usage in this version.

Additionally, it is built strong as well. It has a bulky structure, a sturdy build, and is able to provide years’ worth of service and satisfaction. The sale includes chlorine tablets that are to be used with the water to keep it fresh and germfree.

Noteworthy complaints about this product, other than unlucky deliveries, is its difficulty in finding specific parts. Because the machine is so unique, it would not be possible to find replacements as soon as possible.

Overall, this product has garnered a noticeable positive response from new users, and it has helped them shape their lives as well as their bodies.

ProRower H2O-series RX-750 vs RX-950

Coming soon!

#5 Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Conversion II Recumbent Bike Rower Combo

Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Conversion II

If you want to work out in many ways, this is the equipment for you. The Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Recumbent rowing machine is a 2-in-1 exercise machine that people with limited space can surely enjoy.

If you have a small apartment yet you want to experience different kinds of workout every day, then this machine would surely be a big help to you.

Other than allowing you to cycle and row on the same machine, this also includes some other fitness programs that you would undoubtedly love.

If you have been going to a gym before but don’t have the time for it now, you can still continue your fitness training in your own home.

Rower and Bicycle Trainer

This recumbent bicycle doubles as a rower so that you get full body workout.

Rowing is one of the exercises that help you work out your whole body and biking develops your lower body strength.

These two exercises are incorporated in this single rowing machine so that you can exercise in your own living room.


Resistance Levels

The 8 levels of resistance allow you to increase your pace as you go along your fitness programs.


Unlike other exercise equipment that has mounted LCD monitors, the recumbent bicycle/rower has a built-in performance monitor on its housing for a sleek look.

It would be easier to read through several of your metrics because the LCD monitor is large enough too. It tracks your calories, distance, speed, time and pulse.

Keep yourself motivated by trying to improve every day. You will not find the monitor on top of your bike, unlike some other models that cost much more.


Of course, the first thing when it comes to mind when we get 2-in-1 products is that quality is compromised if not in the features then in comfort.

But Stamina 15-9003 Combo exercise machine has all the powerful features for your cardio training as well as making you comfortable while you are on it. The seats are well-padded to keep you from butt sores, and the paddles have straps to keep your feet in.

With the durable steel construction and foldable for storage, you just as might get this one now!

Customer Reviews

The Stamina 15-9003 rowing machine and bike combo is a sophisticated-looking trainer rthat provides effective full body workouts with the extensive focus on upper body areas.

It has a variety of unique features not found in other workout machines, and this uniqueness has helped it grab the attention of professional and new users alike. The whole structure is built to perfection: sturdy, smooth, and specific.

The performance monitor is especially helpful as it gives off a large number of calculations of not only the heartbeat but also of the calorie, distance and overall time spent. For an expert exercise bike that keeps track of the cardio sessions for you, this is an excellent model.

The most attractive feature is the combination included in the structure. While both the bike and the row can be used for individual exercises, they can be combined together for new and innovate workouts that can help generally unfocused parts of the body to become more refined.

The footrest, however, has been the cause of common complaints.

They are sometimes incapable of keeping the feet cemented in one specific position during the training, which is a considerable inconvenience and can even cause accidents if one is not careful.

If you are considering buying trainer of this type, you should also check out the Proform Dual Trainer 660.


#6 Body Rower BRW2000 Home Rowing Machine

UPDATE: this indoor rower machine is not available anymore. Please go to to see available rowing machines!

Body Rower BRW2000

Exercise equipment seem to be making a scene in the market today such as this Body Rower BRW2000 Rowing Machine. Maybe more and more people are looking to be more physically fit.

Well, if you are one of them, this is a machine that would keep you well-toned because of the physical exercise you get.

You must rowing but you now don’t have the time to take the trip to your favorite rowing destinations because of you busy schedule. Well, you can still have the rowing workout you want with this rowermachine.

Enjoy The Realistic Rowing Motion

Get your blood flowing with this rowing machine as you simulate a real rowing motion of the canoe, kayak or racing boat.

This is a great equipment that keeps you close to what you love most while making you enjoy the physical workout in your own living room.

Row using the dual-pivot action handle bars that is capable of 360-degree motion. You can adjust the resistance levels so that you get the desired workout you want.

The patented rowing design is specially made to simulate the feel of real rowing motion.

Comfortable Machine For 5-6 ft Height Range

Get the exercise you want while sitting on a comfortable seat that slides down on the aluminum rail.

If you are about 250 pounds and on the 5 to 6 feet height range, you could easily slip into this workout platform. The foot straps can be adjusted so you get to be comfortable.

The resistances don’t make use of shock absorbers and they operate smoothly and quietly. Choose your resistance level and work on it. There are a lot ways that you can optimize your exercise with the help of this machine.

Designed For Comfort and Efficiency

So, whether you are shedding some pounds or keeping in shape, you just have to get your own rowing machine.

This is a very accessible workout space that you can even hide in your closet when you are not using it.

Designed for comfort and efficiency, you will now love getting your exercise on this durable rower machine.

Customer Reviews

When looking up reviews on the Body Rower BRW2000 Rowing Machine, the word ‘awesome’ comes up quite a lot. Just the fact that this machine has managed to make customers say that, shows how good it really is. As a private exercise machine, this product can be substituted as a mini gym that fits right in one’s home. From there, daily appliance and dedicated usage will lead to the user not needing to try other exercise methods or going to the actual gym to get a tiptop body.

Customers have absolutely loved how the arms of this machine can be adjusted according to the user’s choice, which leaves a lot of room to improve on muscle co-ordination and body movement. The aluminum build provides a sturdy exterior and a compact design that never fails to look ‘awesome’. The additional DVD is helpful too, as it guides the users on how to use the machine, and the setup itself took little time; these are claims that most other exercise machines cannot make.

Despite certain complaints about the machine losing its touch after having used it a considerable number of times, which leads to durability issues, the Body Rower BRW2000 Rowing Machine has more good sides to it than the bad ones, and that puts it at a top choice for exercise fans everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stay tuned for answers to these questions:

  • How to use a rowing machine to lose weight?
  • What muscles does rowing machine target?
  • What to look for in a rowing machine?
  • Is a rowing machine bad for your back?
  • Are rowing machines good for cardio?
  • What rowing machine is used on House of Cards show?



In conclusion, home rowing machines can be an excellent addition to any home gym. Not only do they provide a great full-body workout, but they also come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit any budget and space. Home rowing machines are also relatively low-maintenance, so they can be enjoyed for many years to come. With the right machine and proper technique, anyone can get a great workout at home with a rowing machine.