Best Inversion Table For Big And Tall You Can Buy In 2023

Inversion tables are a great solution for people of all sizes, including those who are big or tall. Inversion tables are designed to help reduce back pain by using gravity to decompress the spine and reduce pressure on the vertebrae and discs. Inversion tables for big and tall people are specifically designed to accommodate larger individuals, with increased weight capacity and increased height and length. In addition, these tables often have additional features, such as larger backrests and armrests, to provide additional comfort and support for larger individuals. With the right inversion table, big and tall people can experience the same health benefits of inversion as those of a smaller size.

If you are looking for the best inversion table for big and tall, you have came to the right place. Please keep reading!

Teeter Hang Ups EP-950

Whenever you want to relieve stress, reduce your back and neck pains or improve your posture, you look around for a place to lie down.

Well, not anymore.

It’s time to try inversion therapy with the Teeter 950 Inversion Therapy Table.

It is a new approach to reducing the effects of daily activities and the pull of gravity to your body.

The satisfied users who have highly rated this device are clearly saying it really works!

The Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy puts your whole body in line with gravity; only this time, you are lying in an opposite position, that is, inverted.

This way you also relieve the stress on your spine.

The spine is stretched and the spaces between the ligaments, nerve roots, and spinal discs.

If you are an athlete who pushes your body to its limits, a tool like an inversion table should be a part of your home.


Flex Technology

The Patented Flex technology built in this gadget allows you more range in your movements.

The table moves with you so you can stretch comfortably. It makes your muscles more relaxed as well.

To make you feel comfier on the table and permit you to stretch out, the surface is low-friction, so you slide a little while looking for the position you are most at ease with.

Security and Comfort

The Teeter HangUps inversion table has secure ankle locks.

Remember, you have to hang upside down so your ankles would be holding your weight and they should be tightly secured to keep you from falling off.

The ratchet ankle lock system of the EP-950 has a triple lock feature. There is also an Ankle Comfort Dial that allows you to adjust the tightness of the strap to fit small or large feet.

Angle by Angle Movement with Tether Straps

Move from angle to angle to full inversion with the EZ Angle tether strap.

With this, you can predetermine your rotation angle whether 20, 40 or 60 degrees as you start your inversion.

Add to that the EZ Stretch handles that help you optimize your stretching experience atop the EP-950 by increasing traction.

Customer Reviews

The Ups EP-950 is a recommended product for patients with body aches and similar issues.

Because of how this inversion therapy table can twist and tort a person’s body, pain in the back and neck areas can be steadily remedied with its help. Customers have found the ankle areas to be unfortunately spared from the treatment process, as the machine causes the feet to hurt more than it should.

Still, continued usage shows excellent results, and like all exercise machines, the only repetition will bear fruit. As the saying goes, “No pain, no gain,” and that is moral on what this Teeter Hang Ups table is based on.

The inversion table has a triple-plated chrome finish, and the powder coating is scratch-resistant. It can support up to 300 pounds with its strong A-frame tubing.

The hinges lock automatically, so you feel secure when mounting the table. It also comes with an instructional DVD with 5 to 10-minute exercises.

By inverting yourself 25 degrees each day, you get many health benefits that leave you stress-free and physically fit.

Teeter Hang Ups EP 950 vs EP 960

Coming soon.

Body Vision IT9550

Back pains, hip pains and stress can be relieved with the Inversion therapy that uses an inversion table such as the Body Vision IT9550 inversion therapy table.

It allows you to turn upside down and hang from your ankles so that your spine can elongate and your back muscle scan stretch.

This alleviates pains in the back effectively.

Inversion therapy aims to reverse the effects of gravity on our body especially in the spine and back.

Having to stand all day has many effects on your muscles and nerves on your back. Then add stress to the equation and you get painful evenings.

So with an inversion table, you can get away from such pains each night by stretching your back.

The Body Vision IT9550 table will help you in stretching your back muscles and the nerve roots and ligaments in your spine.


Adjustable To Suit Your Height Range

It has a height range of 5’1” to 6’6” with a dual-pin adjustment system so you can easily find your most comfortable range.

Some people tend to be more comfortable in a higher range than their height depending on their body structure.

So, when you try out this exercise machine, you can adjust to a lower or higher range if you find it more comfortable and secure.

Secure Straps and Lock

This inversion table can hold up 250 lbs.

On your first try, you will probably hear a few clicks as the table is adjusting to your weight.

Ankle Supports

There are ankle supports that have a spring-loaded pull pin for easy fine-tuning. However, if you find that the ankle straps are not padded comfortably enough, handtowels will do the trick.

Safety Strap for Angle Control

You can invert the table with the movement of your arms or you can use the safety strap to control your angle.

Secure Your Position With a Lock

To keep the table in a secure position while you are lying inverted on it, there is a safety lock for such purpose.

Storage and transport is easy after using the inversion table: you just fold it up!

Spending 5-10 minutes in your inverted table every day can give you lots of positive health effects.

If you feel stressed, you can also get on your Body Vision IT9550 inversion table. You will have better circulation and you feel relieved afterwards.

The rush of blood in the head is said to increase endorphin levels that in turn make your mood better. Indeed, the Body Vision IT9550 Inversion Therapy Table is a great table for home use and it suits your budget too.

Customer Reviews

Body Vision IT9550 is as tough as it sounds. As an inversion therapy table, this product lets your body go through a special form of exercise that will give you enhanced strength and fitness.

Customers who have bought this version have said so themselves. Compared to most exercise machines, this is easy to use and does not cause unnecessary noises while doing its job.

Because of the way it can turn one’s body upside down, it will take some getting used to at first, and it might cause discomfort as well, which is considered to be its only true disadvantage.


In conclusion, inversion tables for big and tall individuals are a great way to help improve back and joint health, flexibility, and even posture. They provide an effective and safe way for people of all sizes to experience the benefits of inversion therapy, allowing them to improve their overall health and wellbeing. With the right inversion table and the proper guidance, big and tall people can enjoy the same benefits of inversion therapy as those with smaller body sizes.