Best Ankle and Leg Massager Reviews 2019 – Massage Machines Reviewed

Who doesn’t need foot pampering after a busy day or week? It is one of the simplest ways to relax so it’s not surprising to learn that many people would want to have a great leg massager at home. I prefer to stay at home after a stressful day instead of going to a spa so it makes sense for me to get one for my home. If you’re like me, you may be interested to find out which one you should get. This will depend on many factors such as your home space and cost. Here are some of the best ankle and foot massagers 2019.

Best Calf and Ankle Massagers

Human Touch Reflex SOL Massager

I often get leg cramps after walking or standing for a long period. This is one of the reasons why I was interested in calf and ankle massagers. I think what’s really great about this type of massage machine for feet is that it works not only on your feet but calves and ankles as well. It’s the only leg massager on the market which can massage the knees and thighs as well. You may want to get one which has heat therapy. It has a synergistic combination of actions which gives you a truly relaxing and rejuvenating massage. I like how this wellness machine has kneading and soothing vibration are able to soothe tired muscles and get rid of soreness and fatigue. There are also leg massagers which have custom settings so you can adjust the settings depending on your level of comfort.

Best Foot Massagers

MediMassager MMF06 foot massager

Many people are interested in the best leg massagers to help them de-stress without having to get out of their home. I like how it’s being used by doctors and therapists around the world to help people with problems in circulation or severe feet and leg pain. However, it’s important that you know what features to look for in one. You may also want to consider its size as you have to make sure you will have a space in your home for it. What’s important for me is one that has an ergonomic design so that I feel comfortable while using it. The foot massager that I got wasn’t comfortable at first but as I used it on the next days, it started to get more relaxing. It is also ideal to get one that has a fabric which can be removed so you can clean it. If not, you may want to use a pair of socks while using it. Leg massagers of this type cost $80 to $700 depending on the brand and features.

Best Foot Spas – Massaging Foot Baths

Kendal FBD1023 foot spa

If you want to have a foot spa and not just massage experience at home, consider getting the massaging foot bath. I enjoy foot baths as it gives you massage vibrations, bubbles and heats all in a single use. This type of leg massage machine usually comes with three different massaging attachments to make your home foot massage experience even better. Some hydro-therapy leg massagers have a soft lower-calf rest so you can comfortably rest your feet and take pressure off it. I suggest you get one that comes with controls so you can change the settings without having to bend over. You may want to get a model that is deep enough to hold plenty of water.

Best Foot Rollers

It is ideal to get accessories such as the feet massage rollers to enhance your massager. Compact and sturdy rollers help in soothing tired arches and feet. It easily applies enough pressure on your feet with its soft gripping pads to give you a relaxing massage. Many massage rollers make a funny sound when you use it but this should not be a big deal. I usually use it in the morning as it helps loosen up the tightness in my feet. It really helps me feel more relaxed before going to work. It also helps stimulate circulation while reducing stress in your feet. Its price ranges from $15 to $25.


There are different brands and types of feet and leg massagers in the market to find one that suits your needs. You may want to check out online stores to get good deals and buy it at a lower price. It is also a good idea to ask friends and family to recommend the best foot massager. It is a good investment as it will help you feel relaxed and de-stressed. The best foot massagers can also benefit your health particularly if you are having problems with your feet. Tired and stressed feet can affect your daily routine so take good care of it at all times. Save