SPT Reflexology Foot Massager Reviews – SPT AB-762R vs AB-763B vs AB-764

Massage machines like SPT Reflexology foot massager are what most people look for nowadays as a natural and effective solution to their stress-related lower extremity issues.

Stressful days are inevitable, but that does not mean care for the body shouldn’t be as well. One of the easiest ways to relieve stress from head to toe is by getting foot massages. But then again none of us has the time to go out for these now, do we?

Sunpentown or SPT is one such brand created by a group of core-technology companies that work to provide the people with the latest high-tech gadgets, that too at affordable prices so everyone can get what they want. All the member companies of this group are considered the best in their respective fields, and when they work together, they come up with products that do not disappoint, be it concerning price, or productivity, or quality.

3 Sunpentown foot massagers - SPT AB-762R, SPT AB-763B, and SPT AB-764

Sunpentown (SPT) Brand Overview

Nothing beats stress like a good old foot massage, but with lack of time and opportunities spas are a far reach for most of us. SPT makes a range of gadgets for health-conscious individuals, including three models of foot massagers, all with something different and unique for different needs and requirements, yet with the basic set of massaging techniques so you get the comfort no matter which model you go for.

Here I will give a short introduction to each model.

When it comes to foot massagers, the brand offers the 3 best foot massager models, namely the SPT AB-762R Reflexology Machine, which sports an elegant design and provides a vibrating plate to stimulate acupoints. The reflexology vibrating plate ensures every inch of your feet gets the treatment. This particular model is also very unique as it makes absolutely no noise while working.

Then comes the SPT AB-763B Deep Kneading Leg Massager, and just like its name suggests this machine offers massage in the form of kneading. The four kneading heads to help massage the foot from every corner, while the rollers exert pressure on your soles using their nodes and these together help create a three-dimensional massage, similar to the ones we get at spas.

And last of all, the SPT AB-764 Shiatsu Massager with its 6 shiatsu heads and auto timer with 4 massage settings with different heat intensity levels to create a realistic massage right in your living room.

The three SPT reflexology foot massager models are designed such that they all deliver the same essential massages yet have their specialties for people who are looking for something more.

All three models all come with infra-red heating to keep your feet warm throughout the sessions and their elegant designs ensure they do not look a mechanical nuisance in the middle of your home.

Post massage these machines help to effectively relieve stress and tension and leave you with a calm and stress-free body.

3 Top-Rated SPT Foot Massager Models

#1 SPT AB-762R Reflexology Foot Massager (Most Popular)

One of the best feelings in the world is to have your feet massaged, and this little machine is all one needs to de-stress at the end of a long day. Just put the feet down in the reflexology massager, and let it do its magic.

The SPT AB 762R Reflexology Foot Massager has a classy and ergonomic design consisting of vibrating plates that are known to stimulate acupoints. In other words, this will boost blood circulation by applying pressure at specific points on the feet, which in turn helps to relieve stress and tension from the body.

Last but not least, the reflexology machine is not very costly. Although the price may vary in different websites with different shipping charges and other variables.

Another proof of this great machine is that it does not make any unwanted noises or sounds, even with a prolonged period of use. Often such devices can end up providing stress itself with its problems, but with the Reflexology Foot Massage machine, rest assured that is not the case.

The AB-762R also provides three-dimensional massages that can get into tight spots in the sole and push in the pressure that one requires. Along with all these, to top it off it also provides heat, which also helps heat up your whole body, not to mention feeling relaxation.

One of the only cons of the reflexology massage machine is its nodule system which can come off as rough to some people. Customers who have used this recommend moving the feet around a bit as it makes the experience even better, and lets one decide how much pressure they want and at which exact point. However, it is also recommended to take it slow the first few times to get used to the stimulation.

#2 SPT AB-763B Deep Kneading

A heavy-duty machine that knows how to knead the feet and massage those wired muscles right. The SPT AB-763B Foot Massager with Deep Kneading function is one device most people with standing jobs opt for. This unit also, just like other models from this manufacturer, comes with an attractive design and is a very functional tool.

The machine contains a total of four groups of massaging heads to give you a genuinely satisfying massaging experience by kneading your feet. Not just that, one of the main reasons sessions at the spa, or foot massages by professional reflexologists feel so good on the body is because of the push and release technique that they use. And this device replicates that powerful technique to give you the same experience at home whenever you want.

All you have to do is place your feet on the machine’s footbeds and sit back. The rollers will target specific points on the bottom of your soles using its pressure nodes, while kneading will be done on the sides of the feet. On top of all this, there will be a constant infrared heat provided to keep your tootsies warm throughout the session.

These three tools together help provide a three-dimensional massage similar to one done by professionals and are what makes this model stand out from the rest of the brand’s devices. The massages and kneading techniques promote healthy blood circulation which helps to relieve stress.

As for the cons, this device does not have many, but one common customer complaint is the weight which makes it hard to carry or move around. Users also recommend that you sit while getting the treatment and do not attempt to stand, as it might end up damaging the machine because of your body weight.

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#3 SPT AB-764 Deep Kneading Shiatsu (Affordable)

Not everyone has the time to go out for a shiatsu massage session every time their extremities hurt. The SPT AB-764 Deep Kneading Shiatsu massager delivers everything you would want from a shiatsu session but at the comfort of your own home.

This model has an elegant design and toe-touch control which means the user does not have to move their feet but can keep grounded and yet receive the right massage. This model also features a total of 6 shiatsu heads which help it reach and knead every corner of your soles to give you that authentic and spa-like shiatsu massage.

The infra-red heat from the back is just like the cherry on top and helps warm up the entire body and provides the utmost comfort. Once again, like the other models, this too contributes to draining all signs of tension and stress from the body by speeding up the blood circulation to leave you relaxed.

This machine specifically also features an auto 15-minute timer with not one, but four massage settings that come with high, low and no heat. As for the cons, the only mentionable one would be that the nobs move in only one direction and are stationary so some people might not find this feature very relaxing.

The bottom line is a device that should be at every adult’s home because you never know when you or your family members might end up needing some massage sessions to calm those nerves. Users say this device should be used a few times a week. Going overboard at first is what people usually end up doing, but it can take a toll on the feet the next day. Customers recommend going slow, so your feet can cope with the pressure and get used to it.


Out of the three SPT foot massage machine models, the AB-762R reflexology massager is what has gained the most popularity and can be named the best Sunpentown foot massager. One of the biggest reasons is the simplicity of this model. The reflexology plates help relieve stress and are very uniform on the feet, so it does not end up putting too much pressure on some points, and insufficient on others.

This model is also known to be very long-lasting, whereas the other models have had complaints about needing changes too quickly. While the AB-764 Leg Massager is known to have some noise, the Sunpentown AB-762R model does not have any, which makes customers love it even more, as they can watch television while getting the massage.

Overall with the price point, and the excellent performance this model has been preferred by customers again and again, and their feet have never been happier.

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