Best Foot Spa For Home Reviews – Bath Massagers With Heat And Bubbles (Updated Jan 2023)

Picture this: you’ve been on your feet all day, either because of a long day of work or maybe just because you were running around doing errands, now you come home at night and park yourself on the couch for some well-earned TV time. What’s the one thing that would make this even better; maybe even elevate it to perfection?

A gentle, relaxing foot massage! Foot spas have changed the game, you can now have foot massages as you would at a spa, in the comfort of your own home! You can choose between the dry best foot massager and foot baths filled with water.

Put your feet up (or rather down), relax with a massage that can be hot or cold, and one that applies just the right amount of pressure to get rid of that lingering foot pain.

Throw in some salts, and you won’t even be able to tell the difference between your living room and a spa retreat.

Best Foot Spa For Home



Heating mechanisms are widespread in foot spas given the healing power of heat for the feet. Heated massages are known to help with pain relief and also blood circulation.

The products in this price range can either keep the temperature of the water for a specified period of time, sufficient for a massage of course or let you choose what temperature you want and maintain it for as long as you need.

Some models even let you heat up tap water to your desired temperature.

Massaging Rollers

Massaging rollers again, help with pain relief and blood circulation in the feet. The different products in this price range will have motorized rollers in different locations and in different numbers.

Having more rollers does not always make for a better foot massage, however, as it somewhat depends on personal preference. Some people find too many rollers to be too intense for a relaxing massage.

Bubbles and Waterfall

Bubbles and waterfall are a hit or miss with different people. Some people love the sensation of bubbles and waterfall around their feet, and find it very relaxing, which is the purpose of them. Others get tickled by the bubbles or simply dislike them.

If you’re not sure whether you want them or not, give a foot spa with these features a try, but make sure before purchase they can be turned off.

Use of Salts

Adding salts to a foot bath can take the whole experience up a notch, which is why many people opt to do so. Before purchasing your unit, make sure that it is compatible with the use of salts, as some devices may be damaged by their addition.

Once purchased, experiment with many different salts to find the one that is your favorite.

Top 5 Best Foot Spa For Home In 2020

#1 Carepeutic KH298 (Luxurious)

This particular spa bath makes use of ozone technology that can relieve foot pain like no other. The heated ozone-infused water will perform hyperthermia therapy on your feet so that you are refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes your way the next day.

The Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager (model #KH298) also has rolling massage capabilities to give you the full massage experience in one. What makes it even better is the water jet surfing system, which can give you an air bubble massage while also providing water jet and waterfall functionality.

This soaker model is double insulated because safety is an utmost concern when it comes to a product such as this that contains water. The actual water container of the product is spacious enough for feet sizes of up to 14 and comes up to the calves.

You will also receive an herbal bag container and an extra mineral stone container with the product. Customers love that this product delivers on everything it promises. Many users say that it is an excellent investment because they can get so many massages out of it, whereas the same amount from a spa would’ve cost them thousands.

Dozens of customers agree this product is a godsend and a must-have for anyone who is on their feet for long hours. It is definitely one of the most luxurious home pedicure spas you can get, and it shows in the number of features it has and also how long it has lasted people.

The two advantages of KH298 are silent operation – making almost no noise at all, and also the fast and easy drainage system that is much more hassle-free than anything else on the market.

A con is that because the massage rollers are stationary, you will have to move your feet yourself to get the best out of your massage.

#2 Kendal FBD1023 (Feature Rich)

The most significant selling point for the Kendal FBD1023 is its multiple features. Almost no other product provides you with rolling massages, heat therapies, wave massages, O2 bubbles massages, and a waterfall function too. This really is the all in one product you’ve been looking for.

To enjoy these many features you have an LED display, and here’s the kicker, a remote control that’ll make your life so much easier. The temperature can be adjusted between 20 and 48 °C and two water jets provide bubbles in the water and help massage.

There are double protection features to prevent overheating and also several protection mechanisms for insulation. This foot soaker comes with a convenient feet-drying function for after your massage where hot air is blown to dry the water, something not many products like this come with.

Customers have left glowing reviews on this product, mentioning how the spa bath makes almost no noise and also the constant temperature it is able to maintain even for hot massages. Many call this the most cost-effective footbath they’ve seen because of how feature-rich it is.

Pros of this product include the convenience of the feet drying mechanism for after your massage that eliminates the need for a towel, and also the useful remote the product comes with.

One drawback being mentioned is that the bubbles not being quite as strong as buyers had hoped for.

#3 Ivation Foot Spa Massager (Best Rated)

The Ivation Foot Spa Massager provides massages that combine elements of shiatsu, acupressure, heat, and hydrotherapy. This is all in efforts to provide you with the most pain relief and to increase circulation so that you can go right back at it the next day. This product is marketed to not just people who work on their feet, but also athletes.

Motorized rollers will target specific spots on your soles and oxygen bubbles will surround your feet to help you relax. Take an extra step and add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and you’ll be in your happy place in no time.

This pedicure bath offers both hot and cool massages, with the water heating up in mere minutes if you choose the former. Attachments that come in the box include everything you would need at home for a full pedicure, so there’s no more reason ever to have to go out for one again.

The Ivation footbath is the best-rated product on our list, with customer reviews that say they can’t live without it. Everyone agrees that the pain relief from using this water massager machine is fantastic and many people mention wishing they had bought it sooner because of how much joy it’s brought them, as well as how much they’ve saved on trips to the spa and salon.

Pros of this model include the pedicure attachments and how easy to use it is, simply plug it in, add some water and you’re good to go.

A con of Ivation massager is that some customers seem to have received defective units, but they have received replacements at no cost.

#4 Conair FB52K (Affordable)

If you’re looking for the spa experience on a budget, the Conair FB52K is the spa bath for you. This spa bath comes with bubbles as well as a waterfall feature. The three attachments for pedicures include a pumice stone, a brush, and a soft-touch massager.

The controls are simple and meant to be done using your toes before starting the massage. This feet soaker offers hot massages, and the waterfall feature can be turned on or off, depending on preference, to massage the top of the feet. It also comes with leg rest for relaxation.

Customer reviews greatly praise the affordability of FB52K, and the endless pedicures you can have with this compared to paying the same price for just one at a salon. The waterfall also provides a relaxing, cooling effect in contrast to the hot water in the tub.

A pro of this model is the pedicure attachments it comes with, adding to its high value.

A con is that it is too loud for some, but some customers have mentioned they actually enjoy the humming sound and find it relaxing, and those who don’t can always play some music to cover it.

What’s Next?

I am researching the uses of foot spas for different health problems – diabetes, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, arthritis, heel spurs, and more.

Stay tuned!


Everyone can agree a foot massage at home sounds incredible, and especially so if you’re coming home with sore feet. We’ve compiled for you the best on the market, with different aspects for the buyer in mind. Find the one that suits your lifestyle, and never go to bed with aching feet again!

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