Best Rated Ellipticals Under $1000 Dollars For 2023

Exercising and working out regularly can help one stay fit and active even in their later years. But not everyone has the time to go to the gym or get the membership. Those that do usually tend to make excuses to skip exercise. Well, having an elliptical at home can change that. You have no excuse to skip, you do not need a membership or time limitation, and you can work out whenever and however you like. But purchasing one is not the easiest job on the planet, especially if you are new to these things. One has to keep numerous things in mind, such as the stride length of it, the incline and the resistance. These things are what one has to see when purchasing a machine and has to make sure they have the right ones for themselves.


Stride Length

Without a natural stride one would not feel comfortable while exercising. Short strides are common among cheaper models of elliptical, while the more expensive ones have larger strides for more comfort and ease during exercise. The least stride a machine should have is at least an 18 inch stride, which is pretty ideal for shorter people. The industry standard is considered to be a 20 inch stride.

Adjustable stride length is always preferred because then once can configure it to their comfort and height, and can also change it when someone else decides to run that machine. It gives the user more variety and options to explore. These adjustable features are usually found in the more expensive models and are rare in cheaper ones.

Incline – Manual or Automated

The best elliptical machines always have automated inclines. This helps to give the user a metabolic boost almost instantly, and makes the machine more fit for sculpting muscles. Uphill workouts are where one would require an incline. The change in angle puts different pressures on the different muscles and helps build them up. A 20% incline is one of the highest available in the market, and is good for upper body workouts.

Manual inclines are found on cheaper models because they are cheaper to create. Here one has to manually pull out a pin to change the posture.


Magnetic resistance is one of the most common ones found and it is quieter and more durable than mechanical resistances. Mechanical resistances are ones that do not last very long, they wear out pretty quickly and makes use of felt brake pads.

The more expensive a machine is or the model is, the more resistance it will normally have. The least is a 12.5 pounds, which can be found on cheaper models and is not too much. Better and more expensive models have resistances of about 18 to 25 pounds, which is good not only for intermediate trainers, but beginners as well.

#1 Schwinn 470

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

The Schwinn 470 makes use of Bluetooth technology, which syncs with its trainer app to track your fitness. It can take up to 300lbs of weight without showing faults. The assembly is very to understand and easy to put together as well. But one can always request for a free assembly from amazon if they were to order from that site since that is offered. The incline is not manual, it is automatic which users love.

It is recommended to get help while assembling this machine because it is pretty big in size. One should also make sure to connect the wires properly while assembling it, because doing it later on can prove to be a challenge.

The speakers here are pretty loud, but the machine itself is not. There is a USB port that one can use to charge their phones while sing the machine, or wants to keep their charging phone close while working out. It also has a headphone jack incase the user does not want to use the speakers. The fan here works pretty well and helps to cool one down during workout. It is very sturdy for an at home workout machine, and delivers like the professional ones one would find at the gym.

Users have loved the machine for it works their whole bodies, without being too hard on their joints. From putting the whole thing together, to downloading the app and finally getting started with exercise the whole process is super easy.

Some of the cons here are the wheel which is not free spinning so is a little harder to work with initially or for beginners. While adjusting the fan or recline it will make a temporary sound, but not one that lasts.

Schwinn is a training machine manufacturer company who builds robust machines that can sustain a heavy-duty workout session. They are known for providing built-in features that help them to monitor their progress during the workout which helps in having a productive training routine.

Programs such as heart rate monitoring, pre-programmed training sessions, led displays and much more make the Schwinn 470 elliptical trainer stands from the best performing training machines in the market.



The Schwinn 470 training machine comes with 29 built-in programs that assure maximum comfort. These 29 programs include DualTrack back LED, 9 heart rate programs which have tiers of beginner, advanced and custom levels.

Body shapers who have just started with the training machine may not be used to a static program designed for an advanced body. So, the levels in the 9 programs help monitor the heart rate even for beginners who have less than regular practice with the heavy workouts.

This helps the body ease up to the routine slowly, without causing a muscle strain that may lead to body sores. The 29 programs also include 4 mountain rides, 4 fun rides, and 4 challenges, to give the users variety and keep them challenged during their workout sessions at all times.

It is also equipped with 2 fitness programs for both the beginners and advanced levels. This allows the Schwinn training machine to not only cater to a broader demographic but allows the users to have the scope of comfortability.

Beginners will be able to choose the fitness programs designed for them so that their workout sessions are completed with the ease of their body’s capability. Similarly, advanced users can select their level so that they are not underworked during the session.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the Schwinn 470 Training machine helps out users to connect to the health monitoring app. This allows to accurately monitor the progress of their workout sessions and have the data always accessible on their smart devices.

By connecting to Schwinn’s Training app, this makes it easier to keep track of their performance data and also handle workout routines accordingly.

With the 25 ECB resistance settings, this workout machine provides granular control over their programmed training. Naturally, people may have different body sustainability levels for the sessions and may also want to customize the training intensity according to their comfort.

These 25 levels create 25 tiers of easiness to choose from based on their desired level of workout, which is hardly seen in many workout machines on the market.

Addition of the built-in speakers and charging facilities give the users a seamless experience of enjoying music during the workout schedule, enhancing productivity.

Customer Reviews


The weight of the Schwinn 470 machine is extremely light. Customers have commented positively on the mobility of the equipment. The workout equipment can be quickly taken to a spot of your choice at your will without having to think about the hassle you will face.

Assembly is also another plus that the customers have greatly appreciated in this exercise machine. Customers prefer the equipment assembling to be as minimal and hassle-free as possible. The ease of assembly has been commended by the users for the machine.

The mobility of this training machine is made even better by the roller wheels attached in the front. Customers have mentioned how the wheels move the training equipment much simpler.

For the given price point, the Schwinn Training machine delivers the best performance for body shapers and toners alike. The functionalities and built-in programs make it easier for the users to be in control of their routine as well as their vitals. This helps them become more efficient and have impressive results. Customers have highly enjoyed the features that come with the price point of the trainer.

Most training equipment hardly comes with the facilities of the functions which Schwinn 470 elliptical trainer does. For an adequately priced machine, 470 elliptical trainer gives its consumers the best of the experience, making sure their calorie burning is efficiently executed.


Consumers have complained the fan to have an odd vibrating sound which comes off as a disturbance in the middle of a training session. They have highly suggested the design to be revised to get rid of the noise to make sure users can have their undivided attention on their chores.

The built-in speakers do not come with volume control. Many are seen to complain how the lack of controls have caused them not to have the desired sound they would want for their workout schedule. Customers have suggested that addition of volume control is essential especially when this machine is made for workout sessions.


Schwinn is one of the most well sorted elliptical machines that stands with the best in the under 1000 dollar price range. With built-in functional programs catered to any user, beginner or advanced, the elliptical machine has it covered.

The choice of freely picking out the desired programs and also monitoring health vitals regularly to keep track is a great tool that is installed with the Schwinn 470.

Schwinn 470 vs 430

The number of programs in the A30 is 22 compared to the 470’s 29. However, 430 does lack in the connectivity and mixed-reality training aspect of the consumer comfortability which Schwinn 470 Elliptical passes with flying colors.

It is equipped with a Goal tracker that allows users to monitor their goal reached for the day, as opposed to the 470’s special app connectivity that gives the data of the body’s vitals and helps to design programs fit for the body workout.

Schwinn 470 vs A40

The A40 version does not come with Bluetooth connectivity so by extension, it means that app facilities in the smart devices may not exist. This absence may cause inconvenience to the users of this A40. The performance tracker, which is a vital part of the Schwinn 470, is also non-existent in the A40 which limits ablity to monitor the performance.

The length of their strides also differs, A40’s being 17.5 inches whereas 470’s is 20 inches. The most significant difference lies in the resistance intensity adjustments. A40 only gives a tier of 8 levels (moderate flexibility for the users) whereas 470 comes with 29 levels.

#2 Nautilus E616

 Nautilus E616

The Nautilus E616 has high levels of resistance for a proper workout and a good stride length as well. It makes use of Bluetooth connections to connect the machine to its app which can help the user track their exercise. It does not take a lot of time to assemble, nor is it a tough job. It can be put together quite easily.

The handle bars are fixed and padded. This makes it easy to move around in a variety of positions and makes it an ergonomic elliptical. The machine also comes with a media shelf, in-console speakers if one wishes to listen to music while working out, and also a MP3 input port, a USB media charging port to be able to charge your phone while working out, and last of all an adjustable fan to keep you cool while exercising.

The machine is easy to use as well and does not put any extra pressure or force on the user’s joints or hips, places that can be sensitive. There are a lot of programs that one can choose from and get started with whatever looks best to them or for their needs. The machine overall is very sturdy and quiet, it does not make unnecessary noises which is a common problem with such machines. Users recommend this machine for it helped them get into proper shape while maintaining their other diet routines.

Tagged as one of the best-built trainer equipment in the body-shaping community, the Nautilus E616 Elliptical is definitely a product that ensures the utmost luxury level quality one can think of.

The figure of this gym equipment has a bold and sturdy feel to it which is engineered to provide the best fitness training of burning calories to its user.

The features that it comes with helps the user find a sense of easy control in their own training session, without having to fully give-in to a machine.


25 Resistance Levels

This trainer comes with 25 levels of resistance. Most of the time it is seen that workouts for beginners may require a lighter regime. Having a well sorted different tiers of workout levels will help any beginner to get started with the trainer, without having to face a sudden strain in the muscles due to the heavy workout routine.

Eventually, with time and much more body-adjustability, the tiers can be notched up and made more challenging so that the workout sessions are always productive and effective.

29 Workout Programs

This trainer does not only provide you an effective way to cope with your workout schedule but also helps you keep track with the current state of your body. It introduces 29 programs built into the system which includes 9 tiers of heart rate control, 4 customary slots for your convenience, 2 fitness tests, 1 recovery test and a quick start.

The 9 heart rate control programs can easily be used to build up the body’s ability to withstand the strain, starting from a beginner level, advancing to the highest as workout routine progresses. The customary slots can help you choose your own routine in different settings of your choice.

You may need to work out a little more in some seasons than others, hence the trainer gives you the luxury to set it up to your will. The fitness test will keep you in check with your body conditions after the routines you’ve followed in the workouts and give you a better understanding of its effectiveness. The recovery test helps you monitor the recovering of your body’s vitals after an intense workout session.


The Bluetooth connectivity feature is also added to the trainer’s program. Synced with the Nautilus trainer app and other fitness apps, now the monitoring of your workout sessions will be at the tip of your fingers. This allows you to be in constant check of all the details regarding your progress during the training sessions.


The DualTrack LCD display, built-in speakers with MP3 input, charging facility and an adjustable fan just makes the training session much more enjoyable than what it would have been initially. Plugging into the music can boost up your productivity in training and an adjustable fan can always come and handy to keep sweat at bay.

The intelligently placed padded moving and static handlebars allow you to change up your hand holding positions to your comfortability.

Customer Reviews


What the customers have absolutely loved about the Nautilus E616 elliptical machine is its build. Nautilus is renowned for their manufactured products of this line, and the E616 model is no exception. With the 10 years warranty tag that it comes with, the creators of E616 are confident to give you the heavy-duty service of elongated workout sessions without falling short in its performance.

Customers have commented on the foot pedals being incredibly comfortable. The spacing of the pedals is done correctly so that any training position does not turn out to be uncomfortable or awkward.

The Nautilus Elliptical E616 is rather easy to be put together. No superior knowledge is needed to assemble this sturdy piece of workout equipment. This ease of assembly is also well noted by the customers who had initially predicted it to be a difficult task.

The height of the Nautilus E616 elliptical trainer is surprisingly well engineered, according to many customers who had not expected it to be. This allows catering to the taller and the shorter users without them having to face any difficulty in their training session.


Users are seen to be complaining about the USB connectivity to be stale. Uploading workout sessions from a flash drive supposed to be a piece of cake. However, the USB performance has been seemingly mediocre to the customers.

In their Nautilus E616 elliptical reviews users have ocasionally complained about the connectivity issues. Apart from their own app, any other fitness apps hardly find the connectivity zone. This is a significant problem since many might prefer other apps over theirs and a lack of connectivity performance may set the users off.

Despite of that it is believed to be one of the best elliptical machines under $1000.


The Nautilus E616 trainer not only provides a premium workout experience but also makes sure the sessions are conducted efficiently and effectively. The designed programs and the engineered exterior build is offered to ensure maximum comfortability and controllability so that the users can monitor their own progress and take steps in the calorie-burning session accordingly.

This is intelligently put together so that the appropriate measures can be taken to provide the best training sessions. However, the chest strap should have been added with the equipment instead of a separated purchase, since the model prioritizes accuracy in performance.

Nautilus E614 vs E616

[table id=8 /]


Unlike the E616 with an astounding 29 built-in features, the Nautilus E614 series comes with 22 programs, minus-ing some of the programs that may have catered to the user’s comfortability. The E614 also lacks the Bluetooth connectivity which may not provide app connectivity for accurate monitoring.

The RunSocial App is also evidently absent in the E614 which may be an inconvenience to users who prefer it. The Nautilus Trainer 2 App is a facility that E616 comes with, but the E614 only resides with Goal Tracker. This can be of help to some users, but they may not be able to monitor the sessions efficiently.

The heart rate monitoring is only done through contact in the E614, but an extra chest strap in E616 gives the precision of the data which the prior elliptical model may not provide.

Nautilus E616 vs E618

[table id=9 /]

Nearly all of the features are checked for the latter E618 version of the Nautilus series. Starting from the programs, Bluetooth connectivity, performance tracking, resistance levels and heart rate, all of the features are absolutely identical.

The bar is raised in the stride length where the E618 comes with 22″ Precision Path whereas the E616 is a 20″ Precision Path. Also, the articulated footpath has an adjustable suspension in the E618 model which is absent in the E616.

#3 Schwinn 420 vs 430

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer provides an effective upper and lower body cardiovascular workout to fitness enthusiasts while in the comfort of their home.

The elliptical machine is not strenuous on the knees and joints as it provides smooth motion 18-inch strides that feel natural thanks to its bio-mechanically designed linkages.


Burns Calories and Makes Fit

Besides helping people burn calories, Schwinn improves a person’s heart and lung capacity with regular use. It might take around a minute for you to see your accurate heart rate.

The Schwinn Model 430 allows you to monitor your heart rate as the handlebars come with a heart rate monitoring.

You will be able to quickly change resistance levels (16 computer-controlled resistance levels) to challenge yourself even more.

Smooth Workouts

Smooth and consistent workouts are possible because of the trainer’s perimeter weighted flywheel that has high inertia.

This exercise machine provides a comfortable feel on both the footpads and the handlebars because of its BioFit design.

The elliptical trainer also offers features such as ECB (Eddy Current Brake) system, built-in stabilizers and levelers for a robust workout platform, 6 user profile programs, a fitness test, and a custom work.

You can also easily switch from miles to kilometers, depending on what you are more comfortable using.

Easy Setup

Setup of Schwinn 430 Elliptical exercise machine is simple and easy to follow although you may need the help of another person in assembling it.

The console can be a bit confusing more so if you are trying to customize your own fitness program. You will need to read the instructions one by one to get the hang of it.

The exercise machine is sturdy and can support the weight of up to 300 lbs. Schwinn 470 Elliptical is also convenient to be used by both short and tall people.

It does not shake nor wobble under heavy weight. People love how Schwinn makes no noise and does not squeak when being used.

Schwinn 430 vs 420

Comparison of Schwinn 430 and older 420 model is coming soon!

Customer Reviews

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer has been known to be a fantastic addition to the world of exercise machines, and this particular exercise machine, the new model, has actually been a customer favorite since its inception. Its pros certainly outweigh the cons, and it doesn’t take a professional to realize at least that much.

Customers have reported this machine to have excellent durability, being able to sustain a large amount of body weight and still provide top quality functions, seamlessly. It makes little to no noise when used, and the users have felt an all-around smoothness when performing their exercises with this machine.

The most desirable quality of the Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer model is, however, its selection of regular courses that give a new meaning to daily workout sessions. These courses focus on the intensity when working on muscles, joints, and bones while keeping the timeframe within reasonable limits.

One unique feature that comes with this product that is not usually found on older models is the net browser. The machine has a built-in e-book reader that allows an entertaining time pass during the session, and that has been said, by customers, to be the most appealing factor of this machine. The user can even opt to listen to music or surf the internet while putting the body through serious work.

The setup, compared to other models of exercise machines, takes a lot of time, and that alone might put off a lot of customers from trying this incredible machine. However, the pros are still more eminent and deserve more attention.

#4 Horizon Fitness EX-59-02

The Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 is an elliptical that is super easy to set up and use. It takes about an hour or two to put it all together, which is not much for such a big machine. Every tool is provided and labeled to make it easy for the user.

The stride length is fixed here, but it is still moderate in length and works for a lot of people. This is an elliptical that is not priced very high, but it definitely performs like one. It does not make noises when running, nor does it feel too flimsy.

Users love the elliptical and would choose it over their gym machine, primarily because it is easier to do so at home, and also because the performance is not very different from the ones you get in gyms. This machine can run for years without trouble if maintained properly. Oiling and lubricating it can make it last for long and give one more than their price’s worth.

The only con is that some people have faced trouble with the construction and that it did not serve them for too long. For this problem it is best to get a professional to assemble the machine, so there is no problem with the construction later on.

The road towards a fitter and healthier lifestyle is something that is not easy to take. It will require serious commitment on your part.

In my case, which I am sure is true for many others, it meant having sacrifices and exerting extra effort to achieve the goals that are desired.

Aside from watching what you eat, you also need to find time to exercise.

If you are like me and if you do not have the luxury of time to go to the gym, in addition to the fact that membership costs can prove to be high, the best thing that you can possibly do is to invest in home exercise equipment.

Amongst the wide array of choices when it comes to home exercise products, one that I can specifically recommend is the Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer.

Many of the people who have used such in the past revealed their high level of satisfaction about this product.


With the different features that are found in this elliptical trainer, one that I find to be most attractive is the presence of 10 different levels of resistance. This means that you can easily select the intensity where you feel most comfortable, or that you assume will be best for the goal that you would like to achieve.

It offers you with the freedom to exercise based on the intensity that your body can handle.


The ZEROGap feature can be considered as another thing that makes it a cut above all others.

This is the one responsible for making sure of the best placement of the pedals in the unit. They are created in such a way that they are not distant, and hence, reducing the possibility that you are going to hurt your back and hips.


More so, the StraightUP feature is also worth highlighting, as it is another key element that makes this model worth your money. This means that it is especially designed to make sure that you are comfortable as you work out and that you maintain the bright posture.


Another thing that makes this elliptical trainer the perfect choice is the fact that it is perfect for any user. This is made possible by the IdealFit feature. This ensures that the hand grips can be easily accessed and it maintains the right distance from the user, making it perfect for different body frames.

When it comes to smoothness of operation, this model will not also fail to deliver satisfaction. The smooth pulley works out perfectly and can handle a weight up to 275 pounds. You should also note that it delivers superior performance without the need to create an annoying noise.

Lastly, it is designed with 3 LED windows that display the information that you need to know in order to monitor the progress of your routine. This makes it a breeze for you to know how far you should still go to meet your goals.

Customer Reviews

In my personal experience with the use of this elliptical trainer, as well as based on the reviews that have been published by other people in the past, I like the fact that it offers me different options when it comes to intensity of the routine. It can also allow you to create a customized workout program to find what fits your fitness goals.

Many of the users have also expressed their satisfaction when it comes to the added features usually not found in elliptical machines priced under 1000 dollars. For instance, it has speakers that will allow you to connect your music player and to play songs to keep you motivated when working out. There is also a fan and water bottle holder.

It has also been lauded by many people because of the fact that it makes you feel that you are moving in a natural motion, as if you are not in a machine. One thing that makes such possible is the long strides and the pivoting foot plates. It is also equipped with a heavy-duty flywheel that is helpful in creating a fluid motion as you move.

Additional Items To Consider When Buying EX-59-02

If you are convinced by the idea that you should purchase the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical, I suggest that you also take a look at Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding equipment. With the use of such, you can make sure that there will be no scratches and other damages to the floor where the elliptical trainer will be placed.

Additionally, I also recommend that you buy Permatex 81981 White Lithium Grease Aerosol Can. This can prove to be helpful in minimizing friction and will make sure that the elliptical trainer will run smoothly.

#5 Schwinn 520

Exercise machines have come a long way since the inception of traditional treadmills and classic trainers.

The growing concerns to keep a body fit in every possible way, has gradually increased, and has left demands for better exercise machines.

Schwinn aims to answer the needs of the masses by introducing the unique Schwinn 520 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer.

Immersed in the brilliant color of black, this model has proven to be just what worrying exercise fanatics needed in their daily routine.

From workout to stretches, this trainer can achieve anything, certainly more than the average trainer or similar models.


The most notable feature of Schwinn 520 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer, is its special Airdyne fan system. Situated at the bottom part of the machine, the fan is the most noticeable part of the whole structure, and for good reason too, as it provides the air resistance that is needed for an effective workout.

The elliptical footpath is 14 inches long and helps in muscle development when under strenuous load. There can be a lot of different ways in which this machine can be used, thanks to the flexible footplates and the variety of positions possible. Even at 120 pounds of weight, this trainer can withstand the weight of a user more than twice its own, which shows how strong it is meant to be.

The machine gives accurate measurements of the time spent, the distance travelled, the heartbeat rate, and the calories burnt. It makes the workout routine go about in a steady progress, and due to how the display counter is placed, it is easy to check the timings with quick glances.

This elliptical trainer is a ventilated machine, and has a contoured seat back that provides both efficiency and comfort. The drive belt is a single state high, and that gives it the much needed durability. All in all, the whole structure is quite sturdy and can be used for years without any disturbance.

Pros and Cons


The effect of the footpath can be compared to a bike, and due to the fixed state, it actually gives more benefits than an exercise bike could.

The overall flexibility, however, is what makes the Schwinn 520 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer so amazing. Its ventilated structure provides coolness during intense workouts, and due to the flexibility, aches or cramps will never occur. The extra padded seat and a non-intrusive console placement helps to further support you.

The body can rest easy while lying on this machine, and a comfortable workout can lead to great results.


Compared to other trainers, Schwinn 520 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer does not provide a full body exercise.

It only emphasizes on the lower body and specifically the legs, so if you are expecting to get your arms exercised too, this would not be the right choice.

Customer Reviews

Customers have pointed out how easy and relaxing the Schwinn 520 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer is when compared to exercise bikes.

Bikes are known to give hip pains and joint aches as a painful side-effect of its rotary motion, but with an elliptical trainer like this, there are no such worries.

Since it leaves the upper portion of the body open, users have also found that it was easy to lift dumbbells or to stretch their arms while using this trainer. Speaking of ease, the initial setup is easy, and so is the usage itself.

Customers have also emphasized on the battery-operated function of this trainer, and the dimensions are enough for a grown adult to use without any lack of space.

It takes little space to store and requires little maintenance. Schwinn 520 is the kind of machine that brightens up a life and adds meaning to whatever may come in one’s way.

#6 ProForm 1110E

Amongst the choices of ellipticals that you can be possibly confronted with, one of the best options that can be taken into account is the ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer.

Being fit and healthy is an endeavor that is common for all of us.

This requires the need to have a change in lifestyle, and that includes being engaged in a regular exercise routine.

In this case, I suggest that you purchase home exercise equipment as it will help you to reach your goals while working out at the comfort of your own home.

In my personal experience, this can prove to be effective. The same sentiments have been shared by many others who have already used this model of the elliptical exercise machine.

One of the best features of this model is that it is excellent in terms of durability, and hence, indicative of being able to provide the best value for your money.

This is primarily because it is made from commercial-gauge solid steel, which will allow the product to withstand frequent use.

Besides, another thing that you might possibly like about this model is that it comes with 32 pre-programmed settings. This will give you the freedom to choose from a variety of programs that have been specifically designed by experts for different goals.

It will also let you increase the level of intensity, depending on your personal preferences.

When it comes to ease of use, this product can also prove to be excellent. It has user-friendly navigation that makes it a snap to configure. It also can promote the highest level of comfort for its users. It has soft-touch grips that will make you workout more convenient.

The pedals have generous sizes, which will make sure that you have enough space for your feet. It also has a 7-inch backlit screen that will allow you to monitor the progress of your workout easily.

To reduce boredom while working out, this cardio trainer has an iPad holder, and you can also conveniently plug your iPod to be provided with some good music that can keep you motivated to workout.

Lastly, it is also a good thing that it comes with wheels, which makes it a breeze to have it transferred from one place to another.

Customer Reviews

The ProForm Elliptical Trainer has managed to become a successful hit in the busy market of exercise machines, making it a preferred choice by various customers. The secret of this popularity lies in its excellent balance of details and overall performance, putting it above specific staple models that have been around much longer.

Built to be a home gym machine, this product comes with easy controls, a LED display, a helpful fan, and great adjustments in all aspects. It makes working out more comfortable, especially daily sessions and encourages a full body exercise.

The performance is smooth and has no lag, and the counter keeps a precise track of how the body is reacting to the workout. Customers have especially loved its iPod support, as it allows space to enjoy music while stretching out the limbs to reduce stress. It also comes with a lot of pre-saved programs that are fit for all ages and all varieties of users.

As far as cons go, there is a glaring one. The lack of an on-off switch is disturbing, requiring the user to unplug after each use. Still, that is not much compared to the number of pros, which is enough to sustain the ProForm 110 Elliptical Trainer’s popularity.


I hope that you have found a trainer suited for your needs in this list of best ellipticals under $1000. If you are looking for ellipticals with more features and higher price tag, please check out my Precor ellipticals review.

Buying an elliptical for the first time can sure be challenging, but hopefully, these tips and reviews from customers about some of the best in the market will aid one during buying their very first one.

From the models available to the things one need to keep in mind, all of it is listed here in details and will surely be of help for anyone looking to get themselves an elliptical for their everyday work outs.