Ab Circle Pro abdominal trainer

AbCircle Pro Review – Does This Abs Exercise Machine Work In 2023?

In my Abcircle Pro review, I will try to figure out if this is a good replacement for bodyweight ab exercises like sit-ups. I will also compare it with other abdominal trainers.

Ab Circle Pro is an abdominal exercise machine that will help you achieve the washboard abs that you have always wanted. It makes doing crunches much more pleasant so that you can do more and be able to have the sexy V shape body that you are aiming for.

Ab workouts are not easy, and while the right machine can make exercising more comfortable for you, the wrong can send you to the hospital. It is essential to look at features and user reviews before finally purchasing one, as there are a lot of things to be considered.

From how comfortable you are with the machine to how it treats your back, a handful of points should be looked at.

The Ad Circle Pro is an ab workout device that many people have loved and gotten good results out of and, hence is one worth checking out.

Find out more about this new exercise machine in this Ab Circle Pro Reviews.

Ab Circle Pro abdominal trainer

How Does It Work?

AbCircle Pro machine targets your entire core as it moves from one side to another and from front to back as well.

You will be able to boost your obliques as you do its fun fat-burning cardio workout when you pivot your lower body using AbCircle’s friction-free track.

This movement will also allow you to challenge your upper, middle, and lower abs. You will also be able to work on your core strength.

It has three different resistance levels making it a tremendous abdominal training tool to use whether or not you have tried using one before.

Aside from that, you will not have to spend a lot of time on the Ad Circle ab machine to start noticing results. Using the device for three minutes is equivalent to 100 sit-ups.

If you are planning on losing some inches on different parts of your body, this abdominal trainer is one of the best options for you as it can tone not only your stomach but your hips and thighs too.

You will be able to use it anywhere as it folds up quickly so that you can store it in your closet or under the bed.

woman using ab circle pro


  • Fast and easy to use to make working out more convenient
  • Three resistance levels making it ideal for beginners and advanced users
  • Targets upper, middle and lower abdominals and obliques for the overall workout
  • The friction-free track allows you to pivot your body and work on your ab muscles

As with any workout equipment, quality is essential. You would want to buy a device that is made of high-quality materials and be able to use it for years.

This ab trainer is made of high-quality steel which is the same one used in gym equipment. This means that it is solidly built and it can also withstand up to 400 pounds.

Ab Circle Workouts

Here is the 12 Minute Abs Workout Example.

If you do a quick search on Youtube, you will find dozens of workouts to make sure you do not become bored with your exercise routine. Here is the link to the list of workout videos.

AbCircle Review From Users

Ab Circle trainer has been getting good reviews from consumers.

The Abs Circle Pro is built to increase your health and make you feel good about your body. I have found that people love the way their body looks, and even enjoy how they feel after just the first initial workouts. Built low to the ground, it is not only a great ab workout but also a cardio tool.

It is made out of gym-quality steel to promote long-lasting use. It won’t break after only a couple uses.

The product is easy to use. The only problem people may face is a pain in their knees, but many users have linked that with the form of the exercise and not a fault of the machine. One exciting feature of this product is the computer that comes with it that tracks the user’s progress.

This product is so easy to use. I found that many users said their kids used it with ease. It offers three resistance levels, allowing anyone from a beginner to an expert to take control of their health. And it doesn’t take much time out of your day to get a proper workout, only 3 minutes on this ab trainer is equivalent to 100 sit-ups.

People may wonder if this product can hold much weight, but users seem reassured that it could withstand quite a bit of weight.

It focuses on your entire core, so instead of doing 1,000 crunches, you can use an easy-to-use machine to get the abs you’ve always wanted. So if you’re looking for an ab burn, this is a valuable option that should be looked into.

While a lot of people are satisfied with the results after weeks of using AbCircle Pro, some consumers have expressed their disappointment in it saying that it was not able to help them lose more 10 pounds from around their stomach area in a short time.

It is essential to keep in mind though that you will have to follow a strict diet while using the AbCircle trainer to start seeing results.

I know people often are searching for ab circle pro results before and after. You will have to do your own research because I was not able to find conclusive testimonials.

Jennifer Nicole Lee on Abcircle pro

Pros and Cons


The Ab Circle Pro is a machine that is easy to assemble and very fun to use. In my opinion, one of the best things about this machine is that it does not bother your back. It is hard to find ab workout machines that do not hurt the lumbar spine, but you will not have any problems regarding this matter with this one.

The contraption itself might look flimsy and unstable, but it is anything but that. It can easily hold a lot of weight without showing damage and does not interrupt with the workout either.

While a handful of people have had trouble revealing the sixpack, others have verified that it takes time and hard work. And, with the right combination of a properly balanced diet and vigorous workout, many have been able to get a six-pack from working out using this exercise machine. Even shedding 30 pounds is possible if you work hard and eat right.


One con is that the rollers are not made for heavy use and might require frequent changes to function properly. One will also need to install the screws over and over again after a few applications, as they tend to come out pretty often.

What’s In The Box?

Ab Circle abs machine set sometimes includes a 3-minute express workout DVD and a nutritional guide to help you lose inches effectively – make sure you choose one of these sets.


Laying out the pros and cons of Ab Circle Pro tells us it is more good than bad. But then again, a lot of thought needs to be put in when buying these machines, especially if you already have any physical conditions.

Get a trial if possible, see how it works out for you, check the paddings and the gears and then, give it your best shot. You cannot expect results in a day, but overworking is not recommended either. Following a routine and diet with the machine together is what is going to get you the best results.