Precor 9.31 Treadmill Review – Premium Series Low Impact Home Exercise Machine

Home exercise equipment such as the Precor 9.31 Treadmill is now getting noticed maybe because more and more people are trying to stay in shape.

Your health should be your top priority especially if you are an athlete.

Keeping fit might entail some expenses on your side, but I assure you there is no greater wealth than having a clean bill of health.

You might not have time for outdoor jogging and brisk walking, but you can always have an exercise treadmill in your home for such purposes.

If you don’t want to get caught in the rain while walking outside, you can now enjoy the health benefits of a cardiovascular exercise when you have this treadmill.



Precor has long been trusted by health institutions when it comes to exercise equipment.

The silent operation and durability of Precor products are highly appreciated by the users.

  • The Integrated Foot Plant technology complements your natural stride by adjusting your belt speed to your foot speed.
  • You will also not get tired quickly, thanks to the unique Ground Effects suspension system that reduces the impact of exercise to your joints as well as minimize fatigue.
  • The 3.0 HP continuous motor gives you speed without the annoying noise. You can enjoy your running, jogging or walking exercises on the non-slip PVC surface of the belt.


The Premium model 9.31 has a biofeedback center that gives you the vital information on your heart rate and calories.

There is an optional heart rate monitor that, when coupled with Smartrate, allows you to see the relation between your heartrate and the target weight loss and cardio training.

You can also get the optional chest strap for heart rate telemetry.


The intuitive console with the Tap Control is very user-friendly.

Quickstart feature jump-starts your daily training routine with just a push of a button.

The Programs and User IDs are easy to locate so that you do not have to tinker with the console when you need a fast workout.

There is an accessory holder where you can put in your water bottle, your MP3 or a magazine.

Customer Reviews

Moving to the customer reviews, it becomes apparent that the Premium Series 9.31 is a treadmill that is beloved by all.

Even though the product is very new and has not reached out to a wide range of customers, it still has managed to touch the hearts of the users it did reach.

It is heavier than other treadmills, and the extra girth helps it to sustain perfect foot activity while running or jogging on the machine. It is also an excellent shock absorber and does not cause aches in joints, as is the case with older treadmills with worse designs.

There may be a limit to the maximum speed of the device, but that too can be easily adjustable. Both automatic and manual settings are accessible, and a takes few tries to get used to; a fact proven by many patient users. This is a machine that even new users will enjoy exploiting.

There is an issue with the memory after each reset, which is quite troublesome for regular usage. However, if that problem is overlooked, it can be seen that this latest model proves just how Precor has outdone themselves with the Premium 9.31 treadmill from Precor.